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Southern Living Custom Builder Program

How It Works

  • you complete the questionnaire and send us digital images of your home and yard
  • we create a custom makeover plan for you
  • in 4-6 weeks* you receive colored plans with recommended products and materials
  • you access your plans and recommendations at any time via our secure website login
  • * You will be notified if your plan will take longer than six weeks. Due to program popularity and peak seasons, workflow may take longer than normal.
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Landscape Plan Example

How it works:

So that you’ll be prepared, please note that when you upload photos of your yard, you will also be asked to upload 3 scanned images of your property’s plat. A plat is a legal document that is usually, but not always, a part of your mortgage papers. It shows your property lines, house, drive, walk, walls, fences, and easements. If you don’t have a plat, you must provide us with a scale drawing of your property that shows these features. We ask for three copies because 1.) the first one you’ll send ‘as is’ — with an accurate scale and North arrow; 2.) on the second plat copy, you will be asked to make a site analysis of your yard, and 3.) on the third copy, you’ll indicate all the existing plants that you wish to keep. Detailed instructions for the preparation of each plat copy will be provided once you’ve paid and have completed your questionnaire.

What’s included in your custom plan:

  • A  colored landscape plan at 1″=10′ scale, complete with plant call-outs and quantities, along with a plant list.


  • A products call-out page, which includes color photos of our recommended products and where they’re located on your exterior, along with sourcing information


  • Access to our online databases of plants, building products and service providers